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Emma Phillips has a degree in Zoology with an emphasis on animal behaviour from the University of Reading and is currently undertaking a masters degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Edinburgh. She runs Paw by Paw Training based in Dorset. Emma runs regular Life Skills, Advanced Training, Reactive Rovers and Puppy classes, in addition to a variety of online classes. In addition to classes Emma offers 1-2-1 training/behaviour modification sessions with a wide range of owners covering everything from behaviour modification for dog and people reactive dogs, confidence building sessions for nervous dogs and puppy settle in sessions for puppies before they attend class. As a result of this, Emma has extensive experience with all kinds of dogs from your average happy puppy to nervous dogs with bite histories.


Over the past five years Emma has worked with her own dogs on behaviour modification towards veterinary practices, staff and procedures, cooperative care training, parkour, trick training, competitive obedience and rally, agility and tracking with success in all of these areas. Her training methods are based on the most cutting-edge developments from both academic and practical sources to provide the most effective and empathic teaching methods for the canine learners. Emma’s experience in the areas that she teaches means that she utilises methods to teach clients that are easy for clients to carry out. Dog training is a skill that is honed through hours of practice with a variety of dogs, as such, dog trainers should find it easier than their clients. Emma tailors her methods to work for each individual owner and their dog. This means that her clients benefit from her extensive experience training, allowing owners to see progress quickly and the dogs experience minimal frustration or confusion throughout the training process.


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