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A comprehensive one stop shop for taking you through diagnosing separation anxiety to treatment. Includes comprehensive training plans for every step of the way with troubleshooting tips should you hit a bump in your training journey. Personalised support from a fully qualified and insured trainer at every step of the way. 

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If you have a dog who struggles with fireworks, gunfire, machines that make noises (hairdryers, hoovers, etc.) then this course is perfect for you. Our noise sensitivity course covers everything from the underlying theory, through to how to expose your dogs to noises slowly and safely. This course is 30 days long and introduces you to the idea of long term behaviour modification in order to help your dog. If you're looking to prevent noise sensitivity from developing in a dog who has yet to show any concern over noises then you will also benefit from this course as all of the exercises work as preventatives as well as fixes. 

"It’s so nice as a new dog owner to have something like this, I like the fact I can refer back to it too as my head is generally so busy I forget things! I’ve been reading lots of forums and tbh it had been making me so nervous as there are so many conflicting reviews and opinions! I like consistency and I feel that your course gives this. Honestly it is worth all of the hours of your hard work. I’ll keep you updated with progress. I feel so excited and positive to get started and get this right thank you!"

Katie Haymes
Separation Anxiety Course

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